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Reviews & Interviews

Interview - Tironas Magazine - Print (LI)

Ernestas Busmovicius


The Power Metal revival has beengoing on for many years and there is no end in sight.

New bands are popping up all the time, and it seems like every band is determined to thrash, at least a little bit. VANISH is a 5-piece Power Metal band from Germany that has been around for fifteen years now. These guys gained quite a lot of experience during these years of existence. Not so long ago VANISH´s newest opus “Come to Wither” saw the daylight on Massacre Records. The Bass player Daniele Dei Giudici was kind enough to share his thoughts with TIRONAS magazine about the newest release and future plans for the band.

Hello, how are you? Thank you very much for the time to this interview for TIRONAS magazine. Could you introduce yourself?

Hi. I’m Daniele and as the bass guitar player my duty is to clean up the band van while the others play a show. But if necessary I even join them on stage to provide some low-end and groove. Trust me, music sounds better with bass.

"Come to Wither" has been out a couple of months now. How pleased are you with the finished product?

We are more than pleased with this record. We put so much blood, sweat and tears in the whole songwriting, recording and release process and I think “Come To Wither” reflects all that in the best possible way. So if you got our CD and there is some red liquid substance dripping out of the box it’s for sure some leftover heart’s blood – we’re sorry for that.

It took over 8 years to release the follow-up to 2006’s "Separated from Today". How come it took so long to get back recording?

In the early days and around 2006 Vanish was more or less treated like a side project with some line-up changes and less priority. But in 2010 the right people finally found together and Vanish finally got the attention it deserved. We had a clear vision about how the band should sound and what we wanted to achieve. So we did what nowadays even Hollywood does regularly: We did a reboot of the band and relaunched everything in a more modern, focused and fresh way. And as we wanted to do that in a thoughtful, good and right way it took quite some time.

After listening to the new album a few times, I think it has a more innovative progressive parts compared to the Vanish's debut. How did you approach the writing and recording process this time compared to previous effort?

I joined in 2008 so I wasn’t part of the “Separated from Today” recordings and writings. And to be honest, for me “Come To Wither” feels like the real debut of the band. And the other guys feel similar about it, too. That’s why we decided to do the reboot in 2010 in order to start the Vanish-Saga anew. Just compare it to Hollywood rebooting the Spiderman Triology. I think that this time everybody was on the same page regarding the vision, sound and what we wanted to achieve. So the writings and recordings were a really focused and streamlined process. In my opinion the most difficult part was to synchronize our schedules because we all have quite challenging daytime jobs.

What do you think are the strongest points of "Come to Wither"?

I think it’s my superior bass guitar technique – nobody can hit the open E string as precise as I can while at the same time looking so good … But jokes apart: One strong point is for sure Bastian’s exceptional voice which is a trademark of the band. Another strong point is that we manage to put a lot of different influences in our songs and still making them sound flawless. The record as whole is varied but at the same time the songs are related to each other in terms of lyrics, sound and approach. It’s great that every time you listen there seems to be something new to discover.

It's well known fact that after the second release which is not a sequel work of the debut, music fans always separate into two different groups-one a hard-core group of fans that prefer the earlier record’ sound, but there are also a lot of newer fans that have been drawn in by the sound of the new music. As music lovers can often be hard to impress, are you pleased with the general reaction to "Come to Wither"? And how are you going to solve-out that problem with your music fans?

So far we are very pleased with the reaction to “Come To Wither”. As we never used “Separated from Today” to gather the attention of the masses we don’t have the problem you described. You’ll have to ask this question again after we put out our next record. Right now we feel comfortable with where we are at the moment and the feedback we get.

Do you have a favorite song on the new record, if so which one and why?

That’s a difficult question. My musical taste is constantly developing and changing depending on my mood. I’m a person who won’t be able to tell you his one favorite band or one favorite song because I just like so much, today more this, tomorrow more that. And this applies even to our own songs. So asking me today I would pick “Curtain Call” because it’s epic, melodic and has an interesting arrangement.

Are there any stories behind the songs (or recording them!) you’d like to share with our readers?

We developed a theory that the song “Silence” is a secret cry of help from Basti. You have to know he’s a school teacher. Just listen closely to the lyrics – coincidence? We still got no official statement …

Germany is a hotbed for rock and metal talent. Obviously Vanish has amassed a good fan base around the world over the 15 years of existing, but have you felt any added pressure to keep recording and performing to high standards for your homeland audience?

We look at ourselves more as newcomers even if the name “Vanish” has some history behind. As I mentioned before “Come To Wither” should be regarded as our first strike and the kick-off of the Vanish-Saga with a lot more to come. We have a certain fan base out there but we don’t feel any added pressure just because we are from Germany. We must be true to ourselves and we have our own high standards and expectations we have to live up to. And I think the audiences – not just here in Germany – will recognize what we are about at our shows, when they talk to us or when they listen to our CD.

In the band's press release was said that Vanish rocked numerous clubs and festivals and supported bands such as Queensryche, Brainstorm, Mystic Prophecy, Axxis etc.Which of these has been the most important moment to you?

We have great memories with all the bands you mentioned but for me opening for “Queensryche” was the coolest thing. They are one of our role models and they are all very kind guys. At least without Geoff Tate on board they seemed quite relaxed – we opened for the actual Todd La Torre fronted version …

Is there anyone else you’d like to share the stage with in the future?

I would like to share the stage with the Star Wars Cantina Band. But as Tatooine is out of reach and as long as the NASA doesn’t succeed in developing the warp drive I would also be satisfied when I could play and meet Tool one day. It’s one of those questions where you would get five different answers from within the band because we all have slightly different musical tastes and role models.

I've found some information that your band first was formed under the name Heartaway and lately the name was changed to the Vanish. If my information is correct then could you tell me about the need of changing the band name? How it helped in the band career?

As far as I know “Heartaway” was the first band of our guitar player Tommy and it was more a hard rock than a metal band. When Ralf and Basti joined Tommy in 2000 the band name was shortly after changed to “Vanish” because they wanted to make metal music and “Heartaway” doesn’t sound like metal at all – to me it sounds more like a 90s Eurodance act. It always reminded me of “Haddaway”, a 90s EDM band that even had chart-success with their single “What is love”. Do you know them? But never mind. What I wanted to say is that everything that was released and is worth to be known was released with the name “Vanish”. So the change was made long before any official demo or record releases.

What are your other plans for the near future? Any clubs and festivals in the pipeline again?

We want to play more live shows and we already have some concerts in our pipeline – just check out our homepage and facebook site to be up to date. We are also busy writing songs for a new record that we can hopefully release in early 2016.

OK, that’s all for me now. Anything else you want to add, that I didn’t ask you?

If Morpheus would ask me, I would take the red pill, too.

And the last, what would you like to wish to the listeners and readers?

Stay safe and I hope we will be able to meet at a Vanish show.