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By |2020-04-24T19:44:28+02:00January 24th, 2017|Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

- VANISH will release the third album "the insanity abstract" via Fastball Music/Soulfood on the market
- VANISH released the new single "The Pale King" with video
- VANISH gets a generous sponsorship from the Souls of Rock Foundation for the new video and the song "The Pale King" is released on the Souls of Rock compilation Vol.2
- VANISH is endorsed by SG Custom Drums
- Andreas Armbruster replaces Daniele Dei Guidici on bass
- VANISH supported Sanctuary & Michael Schenker celebration
- VANISH and Lucky Bob Music Management conclude a booking partnership

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By |2020-04-24T19:46:43+02:00January 24th, 2014|Categories: Nicht kategorisiert|

- VANISH enters into partnerships with Dinkelacker Bier, Cosmic Ears and Summer Cable
- Worldwide release of the album "Come to Wither" via Massacre Records/Soulfood
- Video release of "Silence"
- VANISH supported Kissin ́ Dynamite as co-headliner
- VANISH signs a record deal with Massacre Records

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